Self Drives

Self drives are an increasingly popular means of travelling around Southern Africa. Many people prefer the self drive option since it allows you more freedom and independence on your travels. Explore the country or countries at hand at your own whim and pace, like a true traveller, behind the wheel of your own or rental vehicle. The self drive touring option is also one of the most cost-effective ways to tour.

At Indonga Travel we understand that coach tours work for some people, but that others prefer the freedom to drive themselves and to have a specially tailored tour that fits their requirements. That is why Indonga Travel are experts in self drives. Our self drives in Africa have been created with one eye on experience and the other on practicalities; we’ve included as many highlights as possible on the itineraries without making you drive for days on end to see them – there’s plenty of time to relax and explore.

Indonga Travels services and expertise incorporate the diversity that Southern Africa has to offer, while ensuring that you will get to experience your dream trip. Our experienced tour designers will firstly listen to what you have in mind for your trip and then, taking factors such as available travel time, budget and the type of experience you would like to have into consideration, we will make up a self drive practical itinerary to suit you. Indonga Travels self drives are designed with you in mind, meaning days will commence at you desired pace, with entertainment and activities of your choice and accustomed to your specific needs.

At Indonga Travel we are passionate about our service and offer our clients something a little more personal, by personally selecting the locations and properties that we utilize and visit them regularly.

From the comfort of your own vehicle, let us guide you on a journey to discover the vibrant lands that lies just beyond your door step.